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After 8 years of training in my hometown of Kyoto, I decided to pursue my life long dream of working abroad by taking a leap of faith going to Canada where I had no family or friend.  In Canada I worked for 5 years where I became a manager at a well known Japanese hair salon.  What I learned the most working abroad was the importance of freely expressing individuality.  I had a sense of renewed appreciation when I knew I could help find a unique style for every single client.  This was the most important takeaway I had working in Canada and is what drives me to be a better hair stylist today.  My pursuit for each client finding their individuality and helping them fulfill that need is what started ‘Atmosphere.’


In depth consultation, delivering high quality services and a relaxed ‘cafe like feel’ are the pillars on which ‘Atmosphere’ are built on.  We welcome all those in search for their new self, or those who are in need for their new ‘atmosphere.’

Please feel free to contact Sho (English)



1F-410-7 Hiratachou Hikone City

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